Welcome New Year!

Each year I try to not wallow grumpily in the dark of the winter that I dislike so much, and I usually do okay until the end of January, by then I’ve had enough and will desperately seek daylight whenever I can. Until then I’ll try to let my body rest in the underworld as it needs, instead of fighting against tiredness. I’ve had some practise in the last six days, not getting up before 6am but burrowing and extra hour or two, and then lazing some more, reading and some walks in the wind. My energy levels will return as the days lengthen.

I choose to focus on the year ahead rather than the one we are leaving with quickening steps. I feel positive that 2013 will be an exciting one, there will be challenges – and I’ll thrive on them, there will be change, but that is so much better than stagnation. It would be wonderful if my path is a travelling one, there are so many places I dream of seeing. Eastern Europe, possibly the more remote areas of south west France and northern Spain, who knows I may even take my first steps across the pond. If fate keeps me in England all year, I will keep looking mindfully at Britannia and all her children, wherever they arrived from. England, Devon and Exeter endlessly surprise me and my camera will be close at hand.

Through my window I can see the dead seed heads of the Clematis Tangutica, growing over the hedge from next door. It hardly seems possible that in a couple of months it will burst with green buds, and then follow with its lovely lemon peel flowers for months on end. It is a personal clock, one of my markers of time unfolding. I also look forward to having some daylight before the walk to work and after the walk home, but I won’t ask for it to happen too quickly, it will unfold as it should.

The most important thing I could wish for is of course good health and happiness for my family and friends, including you dear reader, here’s to sharing the ride!


23 thoughts on “Welcome New Year!

  1. Thanks for the New Year wishes, Gilly, and I wish you the same. I hope you can make it “across the pond” this year, but if you can’t, at least we can look forward to more of your views from Britain, through your trusty camera lens! Peace, blessings and hugs to you in the coming year!! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Gilly. Wishing you the best in the new year. May you find continued health and happiness as you journey through the year, camera in hand. Looking forward to what you will share with us in future days. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  3. Thank you for good wishes for the new year, Gilly. it really is me, pix & kardz, by the way. i have done something terribly silly, and made some administrative changes to my blog, and have inadvertently lost my crow avatar, despite trying many times to upload it 😦
    even worse, i seem to have prevented the notification of new blog posts to followers, and that the only way it is possible to get the latest updates is by unfollowing and then following once again. silly me!
    in any event, here’s wishing you a happy new year. may 2013 be full of unexpected blessings! happy blogging and take care!

      1. thanks for the heads-up, Gilly. good to hear that the notifications are still going through at your end. in any event – here’s to another great year ahead! 😀

  4. and so say all of us! wishing you a very happy and healthy year with just a bit of travel in 2013 … i like the sound of south west france … must go to limoux if you can … we wont be back until the following year … so camera in hand, into the light, into the new moment, blessings dear gilly!

  5. May your life just make beautiful things , the soul remains eternally young and tender , all you desire shall be yours, and just let the tears of joy . Happy new year!

  6. Time flies so fast that we really need to catch as much happy memories as we can. 2012 is a mixture of the good, the bad, the best and the worst. Wishing you and everyone a brighter, happier, blissful 2013!

  7. As winter nears its end, sorrow fills my heart. For the bite of the bitter cold is a kiss from my true love. The long dark days I do embrace. As spring sneaks in and birds start to sing and flowers bloom. I will mourn for my winter gone. And long dark days of comfort and cozy. Thanks for inspiring this new poem to be posted this evening some time.

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