January Small Stone# Seven

I’ve been preoccupied with writing an assignment for my creative writing course for a while. It’s been a tough one and I have been getting increasingly tense for the last week as the deadline crept closer. When I started this particular story I enjoyed it, it amused me, but as time went on I was drawn deeper into the character, to the point where I was unable to be objective. I’ve been working on it for too long, the season meant that I had extra time and I’ve used it badly. I’ve read lots of short stories – as I’m supposed to, and that’s been great, but the story has been stop-start. As a result, now that I have finally submitted the blinking thing, I am thoroughly bored by it.

Goodbye assignment two. Hello new section and new writing – I welcome you!


8 thoughts on “January Small Stone# Seven

  1. Sometimes it’s a blessing to complete a project–and there’s always another one waiting for you! Good luck with the new assignment.

  2. Been there. I’m glad you submitted the piece, Gilly. And, of course, you will keep every version safely tucked away and dated, right? Courses and assignments definitely help us improve our writing skills but can occasionally cramp our style. That your character took over and led you down the (writing) path is what every serious and published writer prays for. Congratulations!

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