January Small Stone# Nineteen

Today began cold, I seriously considered a duvet day and would have liked a share of http://dadirridreaming.wordpress.com/ ‘s scorching heat! I forced myself to move and made some butternut squash and pepper soup before venturing out. I had to top up the fruit bowl and the girls wanted to walk, so we set off to the green grocers close to the river.

The Mill On the Exe
The Mill On the Exe

The river was just returning to normal winter levels but now there must be melt water from Exmoor topping it up again. In the far right of the photo is the Mill on the Exe pub, they regularly get flooded and can no longer get insurance.

The dogs had a god run, I saw cormorants on the weir and then turned back to the bridge where the graffiti is vibrant.
Topped up!
Topped up!

This will last a couple of days! After healthy soup, I settled on the sofa with the new book that arrived this morning, all wrapped in a blankie! DSC_0110
But I’m still cold 😦

14 thoughts on “January Small Stone# Nineteen

  1. Hey, great minds think alike. My hubby is working all day today, my son is quietly playing video games downstairs, and my chores are pretty much done, so I am wrapped in a blankie reading as well, and I might just stay this way for the rest of the day! Enjoy :).

  2. Gorgeous photos, Gilly! The river’s especially impressive; shame about the pub, though. The soup looks delicious, by the way. Are you willing to share a recipe? πŸ˜€

  3. After looking at that river, I’m cold too! But beautiful beautiful produce, and goofy graffiti, and a good run for the dogs – sounds like it was worth the trip. Hope the soup and the blankie warmed you up quickly. πŸ™‚

  4. It’s been cold here too and a hot soup and thick blankets helps a lot. The river’s current seems strong and raging. January is flying by and we need to capture as much of it as we can.

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