An Evening Beside the Water

Our British weather has been predictably unpredictable so far this ‘summer’, so when there is a sudden burst of heat it has to be grabbed with both hands. An after work trip to the coast was called for yesterday, with fish and chips from Crispys, Exmouth’s finest, a walk on the beach and the first Pimms of the season on the balcony at the Grove. Top this off with a stunning sunset at Topsham and todays return to rain didn’t seem quite so terrible.

22 thoughts on “An Evening Beside the Water

  1. A visit to Exmouth for fish and chips is the one thing we miss now that we no longer do the September show at the Exeter Show Ground. I won’t tell hubby you were there – he’ll be jealous.

    1. Oh you did creative stitches! I’ve been many times, were you on the posh stand? I’m at Exmouth a lot as its only 10 miles away and the best fish and chips anywhere 🙂

      1. No, nothing posh about us 🙂 We used to take Winifred Cottage which is our shop. Not for a few years, though. I still miss it, but it was difficult to break even.

  2. Beautiful post, Gilly! Your weather out there is no different than ours here. I can understand the need to grab every moment of nice weather with an outdoor outing. 😉

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