Travel theme: Simplicity

Morris Minor’s were produced in Britain from 1948 to 1974, as an economy vehicle. There were several versions, saloons, convertibles, an estate with wooden trims and functional little trucks. More than a million and a half were built and they still have huge following. There is an owners club with events and rallies all over the country. I captured this one with my phone camera on Exmouth sea front last night, it was lovely, a real treasure from the days when car engines were simplicity, not a gadget to be seen.


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21 thoughts on “Travel theme: Simplicity

  1. My friend Emily drove her beloved Morris Minor for 30 years … what wonderful memories your post popped into my head! And, along with its simple lines and engine, your photograph talks of a simpler time, when one could just drive one’s car to the end of the pier … 🙂

  2. Great entry for the theme Gilly! I too love old cars. They sure had a style and class of their own. Great shot! 😀 *hugs*

  3. My parents had two of these Morris cars. The first was a Minor and had a split windscreen. The numberplate of the second was 226RMM. Amazing I remember that as I usually have to check the number of my current car.
    Do you remember Dame Edna doing a travel piece in stratford and just as she was talking about half-timbered houses, a Morris Traveller went by (my Aunt Kath had a Traveller – winderful car). she didn’t skip a beat, but pointed out the ‘half-timbered cars’ too. It’s probably somewhere on YouTube.

  4. Gilly that’s a beautiful clean shot of a simple classic. I really like your photo. It also brings back memories of my Granny’s blue Morris minor…..golden childhood memories 🙂

      1. I’ve been having lots of trouble with readers comments going into spam…and my comments on others blogs going into spam too…I must have offended the spam checker in unknown way 🙂

  5. I remeber way back in uni, a friend’ s boyfriend use to drive a Morris minor, so small like a matchbox and silly girls that we were we used to make fun of her,

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