Travel theme: Simplicity

Morris Minor’s were produced in Britain from 1948 to 1974, as an economy vehicle. There were several versions, saloons, convertibles, an estate with wooden trims and functional little trucks. More than a million and a half were built and they still have huge following. There is an owners club with events and rallies all over the country. I captured this one with my phone camera on Exmouth sea front last night, it was lovely, a real treasure from the days when car engines were simplicity, not a gadget to be seen.


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Hobbit and Oggiemog

The Lovely Lady down the corridor drove her gorgeous car in to work this week. Meet Oggiemog, a twenty six year old Morgan. Lovely Lady paid £12500 for her ten years ago and because she is a Morgan she’s still worth just as much!

I’m quite keen on the marque myself, I like them because there are limited numbers on the road. I like the idea of ordering something and having to wait years for it to be built, especially for you. If I had one I’d like it to be deep red, but my Hobbit fell for the British Racing Green one belonging to the Lovely Lady. Here he is dreaming of turning her engine on and cruising off to the wilderness.

He’s even wearing the Morgan cap, think it suits him?

By the way, when I asked Lovely Lady her car’s name she said it , IT! clearly it’s female, didn’t have one. So I called her Oggiemog, because that’s what it says on her badge.

And Hobbit, well he isn’t allowed such a lovely beastie because he never, ever cleans his car and it would be a crime not to look after a Morgan.

Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Cars and Trucks

I like cars but I worked in the motor trade for twenty years and had my fill of them to be honest. These days as long as Sadie gets me there I’m happy. I do like to photograph them though and here are some of my favourites. 

I’ve no idea, perhaps there are some enthusiasts out there?

Classy but . . .

This is the best! Here I am getting into this sexy little number near Milan – in my dreams! Have a look at Cee’s stunning photo’s here and get some ideas about vehicle photography.