Capture the Colour 2013

Last year I took part in Capture the Colour, a competition run by Travel Supermarket. The idea is that you submit a photo that conveys each of five colours. This year Georgia invited me to join in, go check her entries at Georgia’s White photo is my favourite, I wonder which you would choose?

My RED photo was taken at Rosemoor, my favourite Royal Horticultural Society garden, I like the double dose the reflections bring.
For YELLOW I’m still in Devon, this time on the Exe estuary when the tide was so far out you could almost walk to Starcross.

GREEN is Rosemoor’s pristine hedges and borders in late summer.
And for BLUE I’m bringing you Brixham harbour in June.

A bit further afield, this is Mount Etna. It’s peak is shrouded in a mixture of smoke, steam and cloud, each a fluffy WHITE.
I think the competition closes at midnight tonight so if you’re quick you can still enter.

33 thoughts on “Capture the Colour 2013

      1. That is the one thing I do miss here in Shanghai the change of colour. Last year trees in our compound did turn yellow, so I am hoping they will again this year. Fall comes much later here though. We are still dealing with temps around 23-27c. I prefer that because winter here is a damp that chills you to the bone.

      1. Just telling like it is. What a bad night I had last night. My new boarder [also a bit odd…and very grumpy], let Charlie out. We were having a storm. I was up from 3am searching for him in the wind and rain. Boarder denies ALL culpability. Odd as when I went to bed [early], he was on my bed.

      2. I will. I am working on the boot. He has only been here a month. Up until yesterday he was behind with rent. Still hasn’t paid the bond either…grrrrrrr
        Off to get some seeds for the vege garden. Black cherry tomatoes and radishes I hope. Though with this weather the actual planting may have to wait. It is pouring and soooo windy outside.

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