Knightshayes, a very English Garden

I followed last Saturday at Coleton Fishacre by spending Sunday at Knightshayes, but as I was there for a craft fair, I only had time to wander in the kitchen garden. Still, there was lots to see for October and it didn’t rain until I went back inside (after having a conversation with the geese).

Heading for the walled garden


One of the little turret corners


Mixed borders


They had beans for sale but I’m not a fan of runners!


Handsome rhubarb forcing pots


They make a rose wine with these and the green grapes they grow


Herbs, vines and hedges


Looking back towards the grounds


The stable blocks . . .


. . . that now house the main shop, restaurant, and second hand book room. Twice a year the Mid Devon Craft Guild have a fair in the room on the left for two weeks, thats where my friend and I spent the day.

Knightshayes Court is a Victorian Country house owned by the National Trust. The house is beautifully decorated, I don’t know if I will be able to take photos, but I’ll go back  in spring to see it again as well as the main garden which has more than 1200 plant species.

After many years of visiting National Trust properties I have finally  become a member so for the next year I’ll be featuring the places I enjoy.

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14 thoughts on “Knightshayes, a very English Garden

      1. Sadly, not in the near future but I have so many fond memories (my Grandmother lived near Newcastle) that I’m making a ‘must see’ list for when I do get back there. Thanks for adding to that list =D

  1. Sad that we have so many wonderful places on our doorsteps and so many people never see them! You forgot to mention the amazing cream teas to be had at Knightshayes ;D x

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