No Small Stones

For the last two Januarys I have chosen to write a small stone for each day of the month. This year it came upon me suddenly – who knew that January was on its way? Late on New Years Day I thought about joining in and decided against it. I also looked at the idea of joining the WordPress  ‘Zero to Hero’, month but again it didn’t quite fit with my goals.

Do I even have a goal for blogging? should I have one? Blogging is addictive, I absolutely love it, the never ending surprises when I open my reader, but most of all, the connections with you my dear followers.

So, rather than commit to posting every day for a month, I’ll commit to continuing, hopefully improving my posts to Lucid Gypsy this year. I love photography, but this blog didn’t set out to be about photos, I would like to write more instead. That may be my simple poetry, it will never be poetry that takes hours to write. It will never be fiction that is honed to perfection, but I hope there will sometimes be stories, perhaps flash fiction that will make you smile, or irritate you or just feel.

I will keep looking at the world around me with  writer’s eyes because these eyes see some crazy sights, and I’ll try my best to show you what I see with or without my camera.

Thank you for sharing your time with me, every comment, like or whatever is a note in my gratitude jar.

Love and light, from Gypsy.


21 thoughts on “No Small Stones

  1. This sounds like the perfect plan Gilly. Challenges can be fun, but they can definitely hijack our blogs! It’s so important to remember what we get from blogging, and to create posts which nourish us…..and then of course your readers! I am always delighted by what I find when I visit you 🙂

  2. I love your blog and the variety that you provide. I have always wanted to travel to the U.K. and anywhere else for that matter outside of the U.S. and sadly having never done so, therefore from a selfish standpoint I love to see your photos and read the informative commentary you provide. Keep up the good work no matter what you decide to blog about, I will keep on reading it. 🙂

  3. my thinking went along the same lines as yours Gilly, I love the spontaneity of what pops up each day, and that often fits with prompts such as a word, or letter, or thought offered by another blogger … I love you just as you are and where ever you are going … your simple poetry is exquisite, and the new blog look is great!

  4. Hi Gilly and Happy New Year 🙂 I too have thought about the direction my blog has taken and decided to focus more on writing and less on photo challenges. Looking forward to more of whatever you decide.

  5. Sounds like you are onto a good thing, Gilly. whatever you share will be enjoyable, because it comes from you. i find that the the best blogging is that which is a joy to produce, and not that which is a pressure in order to meet expectations. looking forward to what 2014 will hold! happy blogging.

  6. I decided against small stones this year. I decided that my life revolves around the moment – and I can’t encapsulate a whole day in a few words. I look forward to seeing your posts, and I hope to visit more often than recent months.

  7. Fire away,Gilly. You know how sometimes, or a lot of times actually, I’m dense to poetry. But you know as well, I’m very willing to pay attention to whatever substance you provide for your readers.

  8. I consider it my pleasure and privilege to be your follower Gilly. Good luck with whatever you do. And best wishes for a wonderful year ahead 🙂

  9. Last year I participated in the January Small Stones and found it to be tedious. So I’m out this time. I always enjoy your photographs though I am so poor in that direction. Your historical ones are my best since they are so educative plus the information you always give. God bless you, Gilly and may you have a productive and fulfilled year 🙂

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