100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week#116


Remember the Gospel

‘I’ve always wanted to come back child’ he skimmed a pebble.

But where does the water go Pop?’

‘Oh now, remember that ol’ gospel song?’

Sissy remembered good, but she humoured her grandpa, ‘Don’ know if I do, can ya sing it?’

Wash away your sin

And walk with him

Down by the riverside

Won’t you wash away your sin


The crystal water of life

Will quench your thirst

Down by the riverside

If you wash away your sin


You know, I didn’t think I’d live long enough, I washed away my sin.’

‘Aww Pop, you won’t ever die, but where does the water go?’


Julia’s 100WCGU can be found here, http://jfb57.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/100-word-challenge-for-grown-ups-week116/