Sunday Kept on Giving

After leaving the beach at Branscombe yesterday we went up to see the church, St Winifreda’s. church1church2

Partly Saxon, but mainly Early English and Norman, there are some interesting and unusual features to be seen. churchc

Like the Jacobean carved oak gallery above. And below, this 18th century three tier pulpit. The first tier is for reading lessons, the second for prayer and the top is for delivering sermons. I’ve never seen one before, have you? church8

St Winifreda’s has some beautiful little details to admire.

Just two of the windows were stained glass, but richly coloured. churcha


Every pew had hand stitched hassocks, some in memory of parishioners, but also one for every monarch in English history. These are the most recent, Victoria, Edward V11, George V and GeorgeV1

I thought this little niche memorial to Branscombe people lost in WW1 and WW2 was very special. church9

All in all , it’s a very special church.  I like its simplicity, solid wood and stone floors and that it is so very ancient, how many hands have touched those old stones? branscombe

These pretty stone and thatch cottages are just along the road and that’s where I’ll leave you today!