Strolling at Titchfield Haven

This is the my last few hours of a weeks leave from work, boohoo! I’ve had an amazing week, including a real once in a lifetime event, that I’ll tell you about soon. On Wednesday I braved the storms and went east to visit Scarlett and her mummy and daddy, driving through floods, high winds and relentless heavy rain. The next day for a few hours the sun came out and we decided to pop to the coast at Titchfield. We strolled beside the tiny harbour,

looked back towards Lee on Solent, 2014 Feb 13_9005_edited-1

and then visited the Nature Reserve, Titchfield Haven.

There is an abundance of bird life that almost rivals the Exe Estuary close to home, but not within view of the lens I had with me. They have created two short trails, with boardwalks through the marshes and a stunning new hide for the serious twitcher.

The sunshine was a real treat, as was the fresh air, after the really dreadful weather we’ve had for weeks. Next time I’m in Hampshire I’ll try to remember a long lens and walking boots!

This post is for Marianne’s challenge One Trip Every Month, over atΒ who asks us to tell her about visting somewhere for the first time.


29 thoughts on “Strolling at Titchfield Haven

  1. I can see the LIKE button – and I’ve used it!

    What a lovely trip to Titchfield Haven, Gilly, especially as you managed to go in between all the horrible weather you are having at the moment.

    Let’s hope the storms soon settle down.

  2. Our weather down here has been terrible but we are luckier than most areas. It is a lovely place to visit… nice pictures they capture your visit well and take us with you. πŸ˜‰

  3. That is such a lovely trip Gilly! Great shots hon! What a pity we can’t all be millionaires and have fun like this every day. πŸ˜€

  4. It sounds as though you’ve had a wonderful week of freedom and excitement Gilly. What lovely tranquil shots of the harbour and the boardwalks….isn’t it amazing that something as powerful and dramatic as a storm can blow over leaving peace and sunshine in its wake. Natures moods can be quite changeable πŸ™‚

  5. I love the soft colours Gilly, rather like our drought colours but yours look moist, where ours are ready to explode into flames …such beautiful photos … and so glad you spent time with your family!

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