Google Image ‘Sky’

I kept seeing the same post appearing in my daily visited list as well as ‘sky’ in my top search list and had no idea why.  It’s this one, from December last year . Then I thought I would search for sky and see what came up.  A photo just a little way down the first page looked familiar, lo and behold it was mine.

Does that mean I have a famous photo? 🙂 🙂 🙂

Thoughts that came to mind, oooh I should have put copywrite on it?Maybe I should take it down and make it smaller? Maybe I should put a water mark across the middle? Maybe I should just take it down? I wonder if anyone has pinched it?

Actually none of the above. It’s pretty but nothing special and if it makes someone smile then I’m happy too. I would like it if anyone who uses it credits me and perhaps it’s time I put that somewhere on my page. I rather like to think about someone thousands of miles away seeing that Dartmoor sky and wondering . . .

23 thoughts on “Google Image ‘Sky’

  1. It’s a lovely shot, Gilly, but don’t you think it’s a bit creepy that Google can grab an image from your blog and use it for their own purposes? I’m uncomfortable when I hear things like this.

    1. Isn’t it because we bloggers ‘tag’ things that it findable? Presumably other search engines are the same? But yes, Google are creepy they know so much about us!

  2. I saw it! I hope you’ve added a © to your image. In any case, whatever we upload is bound to be visible somewhere somehow, I just hope that if someone picks it they would credit the owner [if not discouraged by the © symbol]. It was nice seeing it among all these skies! They were beautiful shots. 🙂

  3. Wow you certainly have looked at it from the glass half full… where most people may have been pretty angry. I admire that. It certainly is flattering, but as Wanderlust Gene said almost creepy at the same time. It got me to thinking though… After reading another article from a fellow blogger last year where their pics were used and whole BLOG was copied and then used as their own by a third party (with no credit to the original blogger) maybe you should dig a little deeper?

  4. it is fascinating to see what turns up consistently … I have some too Gilly, but nothing as lovely as your skies …. and yes, good idea to remind people to credit you if they are using your images elsewhere … Google don’t claim the image is theirs, they simply offer images they have found with the ‘searched-for’ tag … and when someone clicks on it they are directed to the original page … in fact I would be just a bit proud if one of mine came up in a google search 🙂

  5. I agree, you’re a generous person! (And a good photographer.)

    And one of the thrills of the Internet is knowing, when we stop to think about it, that people halfway around the world can be looking at our pictures and reading our words. That’s breathtaking, and so new that only a generation ago, it was impossible.

  6. well, i googled, and i found it! a beautiful click indeed. to add to the comments above – it is good to add a copyright symbol to it, just so that people realize it is not part of the common domain. it appears that no one has used your image anywhere so far.
    i agree, it is a double-edged sword. googling allows others to find us which is a good thing – at the same time, it allows others to find us which is not always such a good thing, if you know what i mean.
    on the advice of others, i keep the resolution of my images small, and i have been adding a copyright to them for more than two years now.
    you are very generous in your take on it. your photos are great, and i don’t think it is selfish at all if you undertake some steps to keep them identified as yours.

  7. Hi Gilly

    What a beautiful sky. I’d love to use it in some of my architectural images with your permission of course.

      1. Martin I think it looks great, your photoshop skills are amazing, yo have far more patience than I do! Thank you for asking permission to use my photo 🙂

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