Poetry Prompt # 2 – The places we are

if you haven’t visited We Drink Because We’re Poets, it’s a great blog. Pop across and try one of the prompts. Unlike me, you should be able to get it right and write a poem for a poetry prompt!

4 thoughts on “Poetry Prompt # 2 – The places we are

  1. Hi Lyra Here I don’t know how to do this yet so Ill leave you my poem here. Hope you do not mind I used your name, if you do only you’ll see this…

    *A Gypsy Among The Marigolds*

    A place still in my heart where I grew and time past. A spot of land where my family made memories last. My Grandmother’s place before she died keep us safe and near her side.

    The old house and lakes was a pale hue in blue I was a gypsy among marigolds in the damp morn dew. No cares of the world, in war no knowledge of anyone poor, All sorrow stopped, we were safe behind at Big-ma’s door.

    Her sister my great Aunt you could always see A lady of diamonds and tatted lace abeling any fee would fish with a cane pole beneath a shady tree She traveled and returned but to us she was simply B.

    I was a gypsy among marigolds I danced on red red earth I dreamed dreams,learned to love in a place of family birth It was a place where my family made a stand of worth We were old as history we where there amongst the first.

    I became Big-maw and I sold off our deep memoried past Today I still have the mad need to slap the offending hand, I wear a wiser womans mask now hidding self directed wrath I am a gypsy among marigolds danceing on memories long lost Who in hell made me the one old, to sell the what we had land Dance little gypsy amound the merigolds, splash in the dew of morn the wrong matrter of of family lore lesson learnd on lands no more

    1. Oh Lyra, this is lovely, but you haven’t blogged it? You must unless you plan to submit it somewhere? A competition or publication? I’m honoured that you shared it with me!Let me know what you do, are you stuck with the techno bits of posting to we drink because we’re poets?

  2. I tryed but nothing happened,I did blog the other one and this too.. than you

    Happy Face

    Happy in the day continent in space,

    a back be turn on the rat race.

    A child’s smile and babies face

    reaches most soul and gives embrace.

    To a line a world and set is pace

    takes that proof of havens’ grace.

    Happy in the day continent in space

    a back be turn on the human race.

    That spot of sun does cross a place,

    can chases away any sadness trace.

    Shore up ya world to for a safe base,

    Touch a child or a baby’s face.

    Happy in the day continent in space

    Go ahead touch a baby face.

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