Next Be Creative Weekend

Feel like getting in touch with your creative side? perhaps find some inspiration to try something new? Pop over to visit Myfanwy and learn how you can make a start with just 15 spare minutes this weekend. I’ve done it twice now and love it!

Creating something every day

So, what are you doing this weekend? How about joining us for a weekend of creativity from  2nd – 4th May? As in previous events prompts will be posted here at regular intervals. You can join in with any – or all of them – or just qualify by doing SOMETHING CREATIVE for a minimum of 15 minutes. The prompts are exactly that – PROMPTS! How you interpret them is up to you. If you haven’t already done so I recommend that you follow the blog (email link in the sidebar) so that you don’t miss anything. Come and join us on Facebook too. More details and the link here.

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