Flowery Saturday

Today I went to one of my favourite gardens. In fact I believe it is one of England’s loveliest, so wonderful that I plan to return really soon! I’ve posted about it before, so I won’t say anymore now, I’ll just let the flowers speak. Click for a bigger view.



Un moment s’il vous plait

Bristol Temple Meads: 10.40am, Saturday May 24th 2014.

The beginning of a day in costume for a soon to be wed stag and his herd. No doubt there were some sore heads 24 hours later. Maybe he is now Mrs Someone’s husband. Wherever you are Monsieur I wish you a long and happy marriage.

Les hommes

A spilt second story for The Daily Post. Join in here,


Revealing Morris

I didn’t plan to be mysterious yesterday, just wordless! My picture was of a wooden block made for William Morris prints such as this one. Morris aNot a very good image I’m afraid. Here some more wooden blocks.

morris b

I was especially interested because I’ve recently had a dabble at block printing onto fabric, very basic but fun.  I also saw this lovely tiled panel, I can never resist blue tiles.

morris c

This sums up Morris’s take on design.

morris d

Cool eh?

You can learn more on the Morris website, the company is still creating gorgeous traditional design.




Treasure from Ghana

My sweet bird of Sirigu! If ever you get the chance to visit Ghana, don’t hesitate for a moment.  It really is a wonderful country  with a rich cultural, fascinating history and the friendliest of people.

This is probably my favourite travel buy of all time.

sirigu bird

Complete with broken tail!


Ikuta Niyoko, Twisted Waves of Glass

I’ve been to Bristol Museum with friends today and one of the highlights was a creation by Ikuta Niyoko. ‘Ku (Free Essence 32)’, is made from thin slices of laminated glass joined together to make it three dimensional. Niyoko  begins by drawing to capture an emotion and explore Buddhist concepts, as well as the complex reflections an refractions of light.

I hope you enjoy this work as much as I did, do you agree that it’s a good example of ‘Twist’? I think it fits well for this weeks Photo Challenge. Click an image for a  larger view.

You can join in at http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_photo_challenge/twist/





Thursday Tanka: Reds And Violets

Celestine used my photo to write a tanka, I love it thanks Celestine 🙂

Reading Pleasure

A little tanka to make your day. 🙂 The photo is by kind permission from Gilly. Thanks sis. 🙂


Reds And Violets

among the lush greens

a peek of reds and violets

rendering me mute

this bouquet of a smile, love

pulsates my breathe with fire

Copyright © Celestine Nudanu 

I appreciate your patience with me as I catch up on your blogs. Thanks a million! Shalom.

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