A Reflection for Bastet

After playing with reflected selfies at Bristol Museum last week I found a much nicer reflection.


This is an large artwork that I really liked – didn’t I get lucky to notice that it was reflected?

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Rapunzel Retired


Rapunzel retired

She scrambles through the memory door,

with care for the height ascending

heavenwards through the Majorelle sky,

to sit, watching from her balcony,

from her sun-dazzled rooftop seat.

A spectator of unfolding beach drama,

and the tides that turn on loving couples,

with swift momentum on the old.

Hair chopped, scrolled, bleached white

her Rapunzel days are over,

no handsome prince will rise to rescue

his dragon heart fell cold.

This post is for  http://wedrinkbecausewerepoets.com/2014/03/25/bastets-pixelventures-march-25-2014/ challenge this week which is UP.

Signs of Spring

It’s been hard to go and take photos recently. Relentless rain and gales, flooded roads, high tides and fallen trees have kept the gypsy indoors. Yesterday lunchtime at work the sun came out, so I grabbed my coat and went to feel it on my face!

Even so, signs of spring were hard to find.

Signs of Spring

A thousand buds are waiting

to burst with golden pride

beneath tender hawthorn

it’s zenith months away

but first to bloom are snowdrops

a promise rising from the underworld

but now stop wait

don’t miss Mahonia’s fragrance

it will make your senses sway

This post is for Bastet’s ‘Signs of Spring’ challenge, perhaps you ‘d like to join in? http://wedrinkbecausewerepoets.com/2014/02/17/bastets-pixelventures-february-18th-2014/