Rapunzel Retired


Rapunzel retired

She scrambles through the memory door,

with care for the height ascending

heavenwards through the Majorelle sky,

to sit, watching from her balcony,

from her sun-dazzled rooftop seat.

A spectator of unfolding beach drama,

and the tides that turn on loving couples,

with swift momentum on the old.

Hair chopped, scrolled, bleached white

her Rapunzel days are over,

no handsome prince will rise to rescue

his dragon heart fell cold.

This post is for  http://wedrinkbecausewerepoets.com/2014/03/25/bastets-pixelventures-march-25-2014/ challenge this week which is UP.

14 thoughts on “Rapunzel Retired

  1. Hmm. All this because she cut off her hair or did she cut it off because his heart was cold, Love always starts hot. Sometimes someone is taken for granted. Lots of possibilities here. 🙂

  2. Lovely! All the Rapunzels sooner or later retire I think, there does come a time when princes grow grey too…now, the tower here has changed, it’s time to enjoy the sun…and this is a beautiful place to do so. Thanks for participating in Pixelventres! Love the Fairy Tale quality of the poem.

  3. That is a lovely photo and I really liked the poem. I don’t know your intent, but it sounds like her prince died, so she cut off her hair. That is sad. Great take on aging. Each time I read the poem, I like it more and more. Very nice 🙂

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