Early Beer

On a sunny Sunday at Beer in East Devon, it pays to be around bright and early to enjoy the peaceful beach. With blue skies and the crunch of the waves on the pebbles and just a few people it’s a perfect spot.

Looking east
Looking east
A shimmering horizon
A shimmering horizon

The stuff of coastal folk

As blue as can be!
As blue as can be!

Busying up, it's 10 am and there must be 10 people on the beach!
Busying up, it’s 10 am and there must be 10 people on the beach!

Looking West, Branscombe is around the corner, I don’t think you can walk it at beach level, but you can always climb up to the South West Coast Path.
I hope you liked an early peep at Beer?


31 thoughts on “Early Beer

  1. Did it rain? Wonderful pictures. The top one struck me. The top rock reminds me of a camel looking out towards the water and beneath him, I see the (rock as) turtle. Better clean my glasses. 😀

    1. Lyme is just a few miles east. I’ve never found a fossil at Beer but it is part of the Jurassic coast. Mind you I took my G daughter to Lyme on Sunday, she was desperate to find a fossil but we couldn’t!

  2. If God’s will I will revisit U.K., Devon will be a top bucket list. I need to ask my cousin about this. I guess closest to them was Bournemouth plus honestly , everything was a whirlwind for me during our Summer there last year. Thanks for the fun travel.

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