It could have bean a disaster

But it never was. Just now, for the umpteenth time recently, I’ve been picking, de-stringing and chopping runner beans. As I stood there I remembered some of the many years I’ve done this, since I was a little girl, perhaps five or six. I always helped my grandparents, I loved it, the bright green of the pod and then inside, the pinky red of the bean. It made me feel grown up to use a sharp veggie knife, as I opened the pod, the fresh scent and juice transferred itself to my little hands.
I doubt many five year olds would slice beans these days, their parents would be worried that they would cut themselves. Even my own children didn’t, there were too many other things to do. Perhaps that’s the problem, too much doing of techy things, TV, computers and games consoles. Making connections, just I am now, with the virtual world, instead of getting hands on and mucky.
Well I’m glad I know how to prepare runner beans. I didn’t like them back then, and I still don’t. I have discovered that they may delicious spicy chutney though, so I’ll keep on chopping.
I never did cut myself either, in fact I’m more likely to now, I’m far more blasΓ©. I didn’t burn myself on a hot pan back then either, but in between writing this post and chopping beans I’ve been making blackcurrant jelly. Not only did I burn myself but I also let it boil all over onto the hob , making a sticky red mess to clear up!

20 thoughts on “It could have bean a disaster

  1. Take care with the knives, Gilly – a finger in the chutney might spoil the taste πŸ˜ƒ What do you do with them all? Do you sell the chutney and jelly at the local market?

  2. I used to do all that stuff when a child too, though I ate more peas when asked to pod them! I let my kids cook with me and my daughter does the same with hers, they bake and chop and gather veggies in from their allotment. I am glad she does as it is a dying art, being able to prepare food for oneself.

  3. I believe children were taught kitchen skills younger back then. I, too, was about 5 or 6 when I was being taught these skills. Perhaps, it had to do with the fact that women weren’t thought to be anything except homemakers.
    : )
    Hope your recipes turn out well. : )

  4. We used to salt runners down so that we had ‘fresh from the garden’ with our Christmas day meal. It always started as fun but when there were jars & jars (or later bags & bags to freeze down) it became a real chore. I was interested to see how you slice them. I’ve always used one of those gadgets that make them long & thin slices.

  5. Oh Gilly, it was my duty then too to de-string and slice the runner beans. My om was a home science teacher then and veggies formed a daily part of our meals. I remember her plain salads with lettuce and onions and tomatoes with sardines and boiled eggs with only vinegar for dressing.

    The runner beans were used for jollofs and added to okro soups/stews as well. Sigh. Now, my kids would systematically remove all signs of these beans and other veggies from their foods because they hate them and so of course we cook them less. Maybe it’s time I started to eat them once again. πŸ™‚

  6. I hate saying this but it sounds like you need to stop blogging. If things continue this way and you could wind up dead.

  7. I feel about that when it comes to games and phone apps. I think a lot of people do more now to share their experience to social media. πŸ˜‰ For children, well, there’s a lot of the cons when it comes to technology. For us adults, I think there’s a lot of the pros.

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