Finding Autumn, a Lake and Birds


Every year around this time I see my blogging friends around the world, mostly in the USA and Canada posting about autumn and yet here in England it can be rather elusive. We have an Indian summer followed by mild, wet weather and often its way into November before autumn arrives.

I went to Killerton recently and found a little autumn, but much more late summer flowers. So this weekend I went to hunt it down again. Stover country park was the place, and this is what I found.

SomeΒ colour

sign1Some information

Some woodland birds

The lake

pond sign

Things to watch out for

and some water birds.

Stover has another tale to tell, a wonderful connection between nature and one of our great poets, I’ll try to share that soon.

23 thoughts on “Finding Autumn, a Lake and Birds

  1. Stover country park looks beautiful in autumn. Thanks for sharing your photos. They turned out really well. It shows that autumn can be a very nice time of the year.
    Here in Australia. Everything is the opposite, of course. We will soon be going into summer. It is already warming up quite a bit. On Sunday, 14th September, our daughter went with Peter and me to Centennial Park in Sydney. A few days ago I published some pictures I took on that day in September. Maybe you’d like to have a look?

  2. I haven’t fully seen nor feel autumn here in California. Change of season has been always late. It still feels like Summer. I actually envy those fall colors you share however much it is.
    That Mandarin is so so unique, so so cool! Would love to see one myself.

  3. It is often overlooked I must say.. I think we have the benefit of lovely countryside nearby.. and you have shown it,, l myself have been guilty of taken it for granted.. thanks for the reminder..

  4. I love the way you’ve constructed this post. “This is what I found” is a beautifully simple framework for your collection of photos. my favourites are the birds.

    I just realised I haven’t said how much I love your header photo: the colours, the wall, the dots of trees and the boulders (or are they sheep?)

  5. Looks lovely. Shanghai also eludes fall with leaves staying almost all year. A few fall, but never turn brilliant colours. I miss the fall colours and walks, but the warm temps into November make it worth it. πŸ™‚

  6. We are already past prime in the higher altitudes but all it takes is a trip into the valley and there’s still fall – a bit reassuring πŸ™‚ The waterbird (duck?) you featured in your final two pics is just gorgeous. Enjoy this sweet time before it slips into winter.

  7. My aged aunt used to live at Pinhoe, and Killerton was one of the places we often took her when we came on home leave from Kenya. It was also one of her favourite places. So thanks for the memories, Gilly.

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