Something Strange in the Neighbourhood

Exeter zombie walk

Today  is Exeter’s 4th Halloween Zombie  Walk, so camera in hand I braved the streets to bring you spectacular horrors. They were all hilarious, with some great acting, but there’s something very creepy about the clown.  Click on any pic below for a bigger view.

My vote goes to the glam zombie . . . z5 Do you have a favourite? How is Halloween in your town?


19 thoughts on “Something Strange in the Neighbourhood

  1. Zombie walks haven’t gotten to Vero Beach yet, but they’ve hit the larger American cities bigtime!
    Sundown is in another few hours here, so I’ll be donning my Mrs. Potato Head costume and turkey hat to give out candy when the little kids come knocking! this is a fun holiday!

  2. That clown is really creepy, Gilly, as are those zombies. I just read in the Washington Post this morning how a French town banned all clown costumes because there are apparently a spate of videos about terrifying clown pranks on YouTube, and they have found gangs of teenagers dressed as clowns doing those pranks and scaring people to death. Then some vigilantes have sprung up, attacking anyone dressed as a clown. It was all very creepy, especially when I saw the videos.

    Tonight in our university, we’re having a Halloween party with the students and teachers. I hope it will be fun. I’m not the hugest fan of Halloween. It was fun when the kids were little, but I never feel like bothering with a costume. Happy Halloween! xxx

  3. Looks like these lot had lots of fun Gilly. Great shots! ‘IT’ should just stay away from me. I hate clowns, but loved the movie. 😆

  4. I had to call one kid down, after he knocked on my door four times. I ran out of candy early. Thankfully, no one soaped my windows or pulled any other little ‘tricks’ for my storage of sweets. You’d think five pounds of candy would last through one night.

  5. Looks like a fun night, Gilly but I think I’d have stayed at home with the door firmly locked! The clown is terrifying (they don’t usually scare me) but I find the bride sad ~ I’m guessing it didn’t turn out to be the wedding night of her dreams! 😉

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