It may be December but . . .

. . . it’s still autumn here in the gentle south west of England, so you wont’ find any snow flakes yet.

At the weekend, I went strolling through the graveyard kicking at the leaves.

Looking skywards towards russet, greengold and naked tree tops

Beech leaves were at my feet
Oak was at eye and ankle level
I turned back the way I came and this little beauty was along the path
and as if there wasn’t already enough magic
an extra gift of treasure.

This is my first go at a Monday walk for Jo, find her here in Hartlepool,
***It seems that we can’t choose when the snow falls on WordPress this year!***

28 thoughts on “It may be December but . . .

  1. Thanks for the smiles and the beautiful ‘treasure’, Gilly 🙂
    I actually turned off my snow on WP yesterday (in Settings) because it didn’t seem appropriate. It had been quite mild but I think the cold snap is coming, so I may go wild with the snow this weekend

      1. Last year I’d forgotten about it till I saw it on someone else’s blog, then I had to go looking for ‘mine’. I got quite a surprise when it turned up uninvited yesterday. But I do like the concept 🙂
        Ageing bloggers syndrome, Gilly. I think we’re in this together 🙂

  2. Yes, the WordPress snow is falling apace, but thankfully the crisp leaves are still lying here too. The longer autumn lasts the more quickly spring will come 😉

  3. I’ve already forgotten how gorgeous autumn leaves are. Thanks for the tour today. Your fall colors are a little different than ours due to the type of yours and ours more familiar trees. 🙂

  4. love those leaves! that red leaf in the last image just pops out and makes me smile.
    there are still leaves here, and wherever the sun has managed to melt away the snow, you can see them again. however all those areas in shady corners are still snow-covered. freezing temps have continued the last few days. but it has made for some gloriously sunny days in this corner of the planet.
    thanks for sharing your walk 🙂

  5. A stunning gallery of autumn colors, Gilly. Lovely. Enjoyed your majestic trees and their brilliant leaves.
    I’m skipping the snow feature on WP, the real stuff will be complicating commute and travel to see family these next few months, although I guess it can feel festive on some posts.

    1. It must be a real nuisance Ruth as far as travel is concerned for you over there. As it is I’m worried about the weather here in January because my next grandbaby is due and I need to be able to do a three hour drive to meet her or him!

      1. Hope your travel to meet your new grandbaby is clear and fair. Weather is a worry, for sure. Ours has had major fluctuation, one day like Spring, another like January. Never know what to wear either. Layers.

  6. WordPress snow? Mystified! But not mystified by your graveyard autumn: just completely charmed. I particularly love the first shot – the trunk, the tree top and the carpet – and your words.

    1. I’ve never managed to do that, my printer is getting elderly and I don’t want to risk it when I don’t know what I’m doing. Feel free to ‘capture’ any 🙂

  7. I feel as though I have missed autumn this year as it was still so warm when I left for the southern hemisphere and the leaves had hardly turned. I am dreading coming back for the winter – just hope it is cold and clear – not wet and grey like last year 😦

  8. Lucky you, the only snow to contend with is WordPress snow.
    I actually love the gently falling snow across the landscape of my blog. It bets the actual mess we’ve had here by a country mile!

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