2014, a Photo a Month

I thought I would look back over the photos I’ve taken this year and choose just one from each month, easy right? Wrong, it’s taken ages to narrow down to one that I like, means something to me, shows a glimpse of Devon or may just be a little interesting.

A little magic

So that was 2014, any thoughts? any smiles? any boos? 🙂
Have a very wonderful Old Years Night and I’ll see you next year.


12 thoughts on “2014, a Photo a Month

  1. Old year’s night – I like it! How could there possibly be any boos? I’m just sorry I didn’t spend the whole year with you. In 2015, I will. And thank you for the lovely photo of Christine and Stuart. 2014 will always be marked by her passing and I will always be grateful for our brief friendship. I’m dragging a bit this morning – it’s time to set up a new regime. No more i-pad first! And I only have three weeks before I leave the country.

  2. Happy New Year, Gilly. I love the picture of the soldiers with the little girl skirts and legs underneath. Funny! I was taken aback at first. Looks like you had a year of much variety. 🙂

  3. Great idea for your review, I can appreciate how hard it would be to narrow down to 1 photo per month in this digital age of thousands of photos on our hard drives…
    As I have only just joined you maybe a brief description would help me go back to see the posts represented.
    Best wishes for 2015 look forward to a blogging friendship with you.

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