Five Day Black and White Challenge Day Two

This photo is a pub sign in Padstow, Cornwall. I didn’t go inside because I had to make the most of the late October sunshine – maybe next time!


Thanks to Issy for choosing me to take part, see her entries

Now, the challenge is to post a black and white image each day for five (I may take longer than five days to post five images) and to choose someone else to take part. For day two Iā€™d like to choose Madhu at She is the ultimate traveller and her travel writing is superb, as is her eye for a wonderful photo. I hope she will join in, but either way if you don’t know her then you’re missing some great journeys so go and visit!

11 thoughts on “Five Day Black and White Challenge Day Two

  1. A great sign, Gilly, beautifully served by b&w.

    (I feel guilt as I read this. I’m going to have to pass on the challenge. I’m just emerging from a week sick, still feeble, and I only have two weeks of Warsaw left. Headspace is limited. But I was so honoured by you choosing me. Forgive me.)

    1. Oh don’t feel guilty or bad about it! It’s just a bit of fun and nonsense and there’s nothing to forgive! I don’t usually take part myself and while I like posting the photos, choosing someone makes me feel a bit of a nuisance! Enjoy the rest of your stay and get well soon honey, big hugs šŸ™‚

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