Five Day Black and White Challenge Day Two

This photo is a pub sign in Padstow, Cornwall. I didn’t go inside because I had to make the most of the late October sunshine – maybe next time!


Thanks to Issy for choosing me to take part, see her entries

Now, the challenge is to post a black and white image each day for five (I may take longer than five days to post five images) and to choose someone else to take part. For day two I’d like to choose Madhu at She is the ultimate traveller and her travel writing is superb, as is her eye for a wonderful photo. I hope she will join in, but either way if you don’t know her then you’re missing some great journeys so go and visit!


Black and White Photo Challenge: Nature

According to Sonel, ‘Black and White Photography has it’s own composition, texture, light/shadow and even the tonal qualities become more obvious when there is no colour present.  It really let’s the viewer appreciate the image more and there’s a certain nuance to them and it’s like Ansel Adams said : “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” ‘

She has created a new challenge to showcase monochrome work so I thought I’d support her by joining in. My photo is of the underside of a Gunnera leaf, big enough to shelter beneath from the rain and originally shot in the greenest green.


If you would like to join in the nature theme visit Sonel and check out the vervet monkey.

Sunday Post: Black and White

It’s Jake Day! and the theme is black and white. I like black and white but generally not when I try it.  My all time favourite photographer, the late James Ravilious, worked in black and white. He was a local man, here is a link to some of his photos. he captured everyday life in a period of great change.

My photo started life in colour and I quite like the change because of the different textures, including the sky. 

Hop over to for some more interpretations.

Ooh, WordPress has just told me that this is my 300th post!

And I have to add this photo for Jo Bryant!