Lazy Poet’s Thursday Haiku

Little pearl landed
washed up, beached for evermore
craving the ocean


13 thoughts on “Lazy Poet’s Thursday Haiku

  1. Your photo is a standout. I feel for little pearl as I look at her face. Good one.
    And yes, the blog has a crisp look today with a bold font.

  2. In Ghana mermaids are known as ‘mame water’ – mother water or woman from the water. Popularly believed to have evil powers luring young men and women under the sea for spiritual control. The mermaid is wildly believed to be inhabited by powerful marine spirits out to destroy one’s destiny if invoked.

    Over to you, Gilly. 🙂

      1. These are spiritual matters that may not have bearings on scientific proofs. I have a few pastor friends who might enlighten me. I shall let you know. 🙂

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