Morning Glory

You need a little time to wake up wake up


What’s the story morning glory?




16 thoughts on “Morning Glory

  1. I must remember to have some of these next year. They are such cheery flowers – especially as they are undaunted by being so fleeting. Sadly, I said that last year – and the year before…….

  2. Reminds me of my school days – great banks of them from the train window. I wouldn’t’ve have dared the colloquialness of the question in those days! Very cowed and conscious of propriety then, I was. They are a glorious colour – and it’s a great question, so my now self thinks.

  3. They are beautiful and look so innocent, so maybe the story Morning Glory is keep them under control and grow in pots. They are smothering some of Australia’s bush and very hard to control. Yours look to be well under control Gilly.

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