An Exercise Thankfully

Wednesday was the last day of September and probably my last ‘straight from work’ seaside trip to Exmouth this year. Fish and chips as usual, but not much of a stroll as I have a sprained ankle. Sue and I found a bench out of the breeze, to watch the world go by.
We were in the shelter of the lifeboat station, and look what peeped out.
There’s been a lifeboat station at Exmouth for more than 200 years, and last year alone there were 84 launches and they helped 64 people. Just two days earlier the crew rescued a man cut off by the tide on the Exe estuary. Wednesday was an exercise night for the new Shannon class boat, R and J Welburn.

I’m sure they are very proud of this handsome boat, here it goes,

assisted by a tractor type thingy!
down the ramp.

Last checks and it’s gone into the fading light.

exm7And there’s a boundary to keep you safe on the ramp.

The RNLI is ‘the charity that saves lives at sea’, so far today there have been 16 launches in the waters of Great Britain. Courageous men and women, thank you.



37 thoughts on “An Exercise Thankfully

  1. Great captures Gilly. Sorry to hear about the ankle, you have my deepest sympathy and I hope yours mends quicker than mine! That lifeboat equipment must cost an absolute fortune, seems wrong that it is a charity and not a public service organisation like the police and the NHS.

  2. Doesn’t that tractor-like thingy make you think of a tank? Must be something heavy duty to move those big boats.
    Wonderful pictures. Makes me nostalgic for days long past when we used to boat with friends, 🙂

  3. Also agree with Jude about the funding. We saw an attempted rescue at St Abbs last year for a missing diver (sadly found dead a few days later). Now RNLI has withdrawn the St Abbs lifeboat (I’m assuming for lack of money, though cold be wrong) and local crew are using JustGiving to try to fund their own boat. Very sad.

    1. Thank you, the sunset at Exmouth is a regular summer treat 🙂 I can’t do ice unless its desperate I’m cold enough as it is, but luckily its nearly healed!

  4. Aww … it seems sad that it’s the last time for a visit this year. Perhaps, there’ll be a surprise warm day for you in the stars. Fish and chips … love them!!!
    Gosh … I hope your ankle heals quickly and without any issues. Be sure to rest it.
    The video is quite interesting. I enjoyed the mans voice and accent.
    Great post, Gilly.
    Issy 😎

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