A Contrast of Winter

Jude is having a garden photography challenge this year, and for January the theme is Winter Gardens.

I took the first photo at home a few days ago. I was surprised to see the young bud shooting out, it usually flowers from late April, and like many plants this year it’s confused.


It’s a Beschorneria yuccoides, a Mexican plant that’s been in the garden for about seven years and was a baby, below in 2009’s snow.


Snow doesn’t happen too often in Devon, buds don’t usually sprout on exotic Mexicans in January either!

18 thoughts on “A Contrast of Winter

  1. I shall make a note of this plant Gilly, and I’d love to see it when the bud is open 🙂
    It is very odd having spring flowers in this dull light. And what will we have in spring?

  2. well the young bud one seems to have a very ponderous mood – love the contracts you showed for the challenge – but that bud in the reader really seemed like it was in thought – ha!

  3. It’s a whaty, whaty? 🙂 🙂 Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous, Gilly.
    I’ll be putting my walk up about 10 tonight to give me a head start tomorrow, As Jude remarked, it will be Monday in Australia by then 🙂 See you later, honey. Take care!

  4. Not exactly what I’ve expected in a January garden in the deep north either. Lovely shadings in the petals. They were really popular in minimalist suburban gardens in Sydney when I was growing up. I always rather longed for one.

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