The Day We’ve All Been Waiting For

The weather forecast was right, full sun all day today – yes this Brit is obsessed with the weather, it’s been a long, wet winter. A morning of housework gave me permission for an afternoon stroll, at Sidmouth. The town was busy but we found somewhere to park and a different entrance to the Byes.

I wonder how many times they've shared this bench
I wonder how many times they’ve shared this bench

Lots of blue sky and a tempting path.

Little peeps of colour
Little peeps of colour
Looking back at the first bridge
Looking back at the first bridge

Here’s Daisy, all excited and with a spring her tail.
bys6There’s been some storm damage in recent years,

bys7But plenty of new tree planting.

bys8We’ll walk beside the river Sid for a while.

bys9There are remains of a jetty.

bys10Benches everywhere to watch the world go by.

bys11Leaving the river, we’ll go up a gentle rise towards Golden Copse, bys12in Margaret’s Meadow.

bys13The sky became even bluer.

bys14We were surrounded by birds, but most were too high in the trees. Never mind this robin gave us a lovely solo performance.

Back down to the river where lots of families were enjoying the day.



That’s the Byes, I’ve taken you and Jo walking there before, but in the winter, I hoped you liked spring. The dog friendly café on the sea front was full today as were the car parks, so we headed home. I’ll show you where we made a quick stop tomorrow.

Did you go out for a walk this weekend? I hope you had sunshine as well.


36 thoughts on “The Day We’ve All Been Waiting For

  1. Hiya sweetheart! You’ve just answered a question for me 🙂 Seconds ago Jude was telling me she’d had Sunday lunch in Devon, or Somerset, courtesy of you. I wasn’t sure if she meant you’d met up, but obviously not 😦 It must be imminent now she’s becoming a neighbour 🙂
    The morning was glorious here but Mick was doing garden stuff and I was doing chores. By the time Dad had gone, after lunch, it was cool and murky again. 😦 Was that a robin in a garden I spied? I need some wildlife 🙂 🙂

    1. What on earth was she doing in Devon I wonder, I think she’s about 120 miles from me! The temperature dropped off at 4pm, but it was wonderful before that. The robin was in the meadow, and really friendly. Have a good week lovely x 🙂 x

  2. It’s been so lovely to see sunshine and feel warmer air this weekend. I got on with some clearing in the garden, and then sat and watched the birds for a while with a warm coffee. You’re walk looks wonderful and what a lovely wee dog💕😊🐶

  3. Thank you. Thank you, Gilly. A wonderful outing. The fresh air, the greening grass and the anxious bus on the trees cheered me up. One of these day / weeks soon we shall have some of the same. I want to say I’m jealous, but you’ve had a rotten winter too. ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. And wasn’t it just a lovely day. And ALL day too. Over Shropshire there was almost something you might call a heat haze – probably steam produced by the soggy soil in shock. The lambs were flat out and sun bathing. Even saw horses likewise. Have a lovely spring week.

  5. What a pleasant walk under the blue sky, Gilly. 🙂 Viewing through your beautiful photos, I feel like I was there… Love Daisy’s smile; the little Robin stole the show. 🙂

  6. Looks so lovely in the spring sunshine, long may it last! We had a couple of good days down in Cornwall – even got sunburned can you believe in 12 degree sunshine! How did that happen? Stole away from doing things in the new house to head for the coast and have a fishy lunch. Hard to stay indoors when the sky is blue 🙂
    Now back in the Shires (that haze Tish mentioned was everywhere from Cornwall through to Shropshire (7 counties, but who’s counting?) for the last leg before the final drive down south. Can’t wait to start making the new house a home. And we figure it is less than two hours to Exmouth / West Devon.

    1. Last year I drove home from St Ives in the evening in two hours, no traffic though. I thought you must have moved, so I got that wrong. On Sidmouth beach yesterday a girl in a bikini was being photographed, such fabulous sunshine, I can see how you could burn. The coast just ahd to be done didn’t it? Today is looking very grey but it may lift for muy lunchtime stroll.

      1. Driving back on a Sunday seems to be the best time. Ususally very quiet until we reach the M5 then it is a steady stream of traffic until Bristol when it peters out a bit. I shall be glad when all this tooing and froing is done with!

  7. Thanks for sharing your lovely day out! Great weather in Worcestershire today too! Good to get out in the garden, mowing lawn and a general tidy up and cut back of shrubs…very therapeutic under a blue sky!

  8. This is such a lovely selection of photos showing the signs of Spring coming to life. The couple on the bench are in the perfect spot for reminiscing about days gone by. Lovely post, Gilly.
    I loved it …. Issy 😎😍

  9. What a beautiful peaceful walk. Your photos are absolutely stunning and made me feel I was there with you. Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. What an absolutely lovely post. Superb photos – especially, but not only, the bird and the water. I particularly like it because it’s a kind of landscape I am now sharing.

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