22 thoughts on “Lazy Poet’s Thursday Haiku

  1. I’m reading Doris LAessing’s “Shikasta” and unfortunately it’s making me suspicious of churches and light. Not fair! It’s a powerful photo, and a reminder of both the length of a religious tradition and its brevity. But oh the skill of the builders.

      1. It’s flying that does it. I always have a cold or flu when I have been on a long-haul flight, no matter which direction I go! Which is one more reason why I hate flying. Hope you recover soon 🙂

      2. I hate head colds, feeling all stuffed up. At least they seem to go within a week. Not sure vodka is going to help, though saying that vodka and Red Bull used to kick my migraines into touch! Probably the excess caffeine rather than the alcohol 😉

      3. Oh poo, I hope you’re on the mend by now. I’ve heard that swine fly is back this year, but I had that in 2009 so I ‘m hoping I’m immune. Perhaps you could have a flu jab before next winter?

    1. I’ve only tried one Doris Lessing and i couldn’t get into it, maybe just wrong book at the time 😦 Yes those workmen didn’t have the equipment that exists these day did they? I’ve been on the roof of the cathedral and can’t begin to imagine how they did it!

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