I Want to Dance

If I danced whenever I want to, many more people would know I’m even crazier than they thought. Just a few days ago I was lamenting my inability to sing or play a musical instrument, she said ‘I bet you can dance Gilly’. She was right, I love dance in all it’s forms, but the very best kind is spontaneous.



when you’re moved by the beat

right there on the street

come on feel the heat

now get up on your feet

and dance with a perfect stranger


18 thoughts on “I Want to Dance

  1. such fun, Gilly. i seem to have two left feet. and while i can sing ok, and i also play the keyboard – well, i’ve been told – the rhythm seems to have stopped just above my ankles. so you can dance – that’s a gift! 🙂
    love the colours here…. thanks for sharing.

  2. Beat and dancing feet, Gilly! You’re a natural born poet. 🙂 I love to dance but I’m not any good at it. Still, when you turn the music up loud when nobody’s home, it doesn’t matter, does it? 🙂

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