7-Day Nature Photo, Day Five

Day five of the nature photo challenge that Amy, The World is a Book, invited me to join. I thought something related to the beach would be a good idea, and then I remembered this rock pool photo, full of shadows and reflections.

I’m running out of victims uh friends to invite to the challenge. Several of you run your own challenges, that keep you busy – you know who you are, and so I’ve decided to throw it open to anyone who would like to take part. Just share a nature related photo, each day for seven, and enjoy!


15 thoughts on “7-Day Nature Photo, Day Five

  1. It’s a nice challenge, Gilly. 🙂 Love your mysterious rock pool. Do you have a secret stash? I tend to publish most of mine pretty soon after I’ve taken them, or not at all. Good weekend, darlin’? You’ve been busy on the challenges. Lisa and Leo went home mid-morning and, after feeling a bit forlorn, I set to, changing beds, and we’re pretty much back to normal now. (though much tidier than before, after the Spring clean to make room for everyone) 🙂

    1. Shall I nominate you then? I try to use recent photos when I can but in winter with short days that can be difficult. I’ve got at least 50 thousand photos to choose from though 🙃 I get mardy when my tribe go home but like you I bounce back quite quickly. I had a lovely weekend catching up with jobs a bit of fresh air and spending money! 😟

      1. Oh, yes- I remember you mentioned spending 🙂 Nominate if you like but now that you’ve gone ‘open’ you might as well keep it that way. I’ll bounce in if I have time but I have lots of catch up and ‘stuff’ going on. 🙂

  2. Your rock pool picture is so pretty, almost an abstract painting with such soft pastel colours that I do not associate with rock pools at all. I would love to join in the challenge but until I get settled and have a table to work from again I’m afraid you’ll have to count me out. For now… 🙂

  3. You’re determined to make me homesick – first the ant hills that reminded me of the outback and now a rockpool. I love the veil the sea casts over the pool. You’ve really captured the sense of an underwater world, different from the other possible worlds.

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