7-Day Nature Photo, Day Four

I’m back in Devon for day four of the challenge that Amy passed to me. The idea is to post a photo every day for a week and pass it on to a friend.
I have many favourite birds, but the thrush is very high on my list, I think because they are not only pretty, but they look intelligent as well, don’t you agree?


I’m choosing Pauline to challenge today, she has a birds eye view of the birds in her garden down under, as well as wonderful tropical plants. No worries if you’re busy Pauline, but I’d love to see what you come up with!


17 thoughts on “7-Day Nature Photo, Day Four

    1. Same here. I can’t remember the last thrush I saw but it was almost certainly in Doncaster so at least 14 years ago! I could have done with them in Ludlow as plenty of slugs and snails!

  1. I’m beginning pay more attention to birds here (non-photographic). For one thing my daughter seems to have been captured by the cult of twitchers, and for another you can actually see them in bare trees. This is a beauty – such beautiful colour and markings.

  2. What a delightful capture. One of my favourite birds is the common house sparrow. I find them so cheerful and such characters. So resourceful. They are actually not so common these days, so whenever I see one, it is a treat. Your thrush here reminds me of them.

  3. I have been AWOL from blog reading for a few days Gilly and I am just now catching up again and look what I have been missing. I miss the thrush over here, and his gorgeous song they are so English. and then I see you have honoured me with choosing me to carry on this interesting challenge. Thanks for that I will take it up, but won’t be able to make a start till next week.

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