7-Day Nature Photo, Day Three

I’m going a bit further afield for day three of the nature photo challenge, to northern Ghana. This termite mound was more then twice my height of five-six and must have housed millions of little beasties!termitehill

Amy invited me to join the nature photo challenge, a photo a day for seven, of anything from the natural world. Today I’m inviting Sue, one of very few blogging friends I’ve been lucky enough to meet. She already posts the most wonderful photos of  nature in decay, beautiful images of flowers in all stages, so the challenge would be easy for her. If you’re too busy Sue,  it’s no problem, I understand how difficult it is to fit in a challenge!


21 thoughts on “7-Day Nature Photo, Day Three

  1. Wow,… have housed millions of little beastie!
    I just visited Sue, love her photos. So glad you invite her. Thank you so much for finding time to participate. 🙂

  2. My goodness, that’s impressive! I would have had no idea that was a bug home. It looks not unlike something I saw at an outdoor sculpture museum…..if that was, after all, just a sculpture….

  3. What a beautiful construction. I wonder how long it took them? No wonder ants have a reputation for industriousness! The landscape makes me a bit homesick for central bits of Australia.

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