7-Day Nature Photo, day two

My lovely blogging friend Amy has challenged me to join the 7-Day Nature Photo Challenge, begun by Ulli, and it’s right up my street.
The two branches of the river Teign rise on Dartmoor and meet at Chagford, flowing southeast to Teignmouth where it joins the English Channel. It’s a very pretty river, and at castle Drogo it runs through a steep valley. I took this photo down in that valley, half way from Drogo to Fingle Bridge, a beautiful spot.

fingle bridge

A well as posting nature photo each day for a week, I have to challenge a friend to join in. Today I’m choosing Meg, who’s spending a year in Warsaw, and enjoying a northern hemisphere spring. She has a very good eye and I loved her calligraphy branches today. No worries if you ‘re too busy Meg!


9 thoughts on “7-Day Nature Photo, day two

  1. Terrific shot–the water seems so inviting and friendly, leading up into the light….and am I the only one seeing a green giraffe (or possibly a very long-necked green pony) leaning toward the water, on the left bank?

  2. I want to find a place like this – but probably not in Warsaw. All that beautiful green and the gleam of water.

    Thank you for the nomination Gilly. I’ll give it a go, but it will be city nature. I’m so glad you liked the branches-and-shadows.

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