7-Day Nature Photo Day Six

Out of Africa once more, for day six of the nature photo challenge. This Weaver bird’s nest looks like a mix of art that you might find in a gallery, and practicality in the form of a basket.


Amy challenged me, but as yesterday, I’m not going to challenge anyone in particular, although Jo, the restless one, did show an interest in taking part. So if you haven’t had an invite yet, and you want to take part, go ahead and enjoy.


15 thoughts on “7-Day Nature Photo Day Six

  1. Weavers are really so artistic and I also love looking at their beautiful nests. You captured this one perfectly Gilly! 😀 ♥

  2. I love the weaver birds and their nests. Outside my eldest son’s school in the Cape were several trees full of weaver nests, but the most incredible sight were the ones built by the sociable weavers in Namibia. Often built on telephone poles the weight can bring them down!

  3. Fascinating submissions for this series. You’re a great participant for the challenge.

    I know the answer but …. man-made? 😀

  4. Beautiful capture Gilly. Amazed at their skill and patience! Is this the same species where the male bird builds the nests and the female rejects several before passing approval?

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