We Need our Bees

Climate change is an ever increasing threat to our bees and without them what will the future bring?

beePlease grow bee friendly plants and make your gardens a haven for them. The bumble bee trust will give you some ideas.


26 thoughts on “We Need our Bees

  1. Fabulous capture of the flowers and bees, Gilly. Great message!
    People need to stop using pesticides and grow nature garden…

  2. What a stunning shot of this gorgeous little bee Gilly! Love the article and it’s all so true. Bees are so important to us and the more people realise it, the better it will be for all of us. Thanks for sharing. ♥

  3. I’m a Beeliever Gilly and love your photo. I’m in love with the blue striped bees (native to Australia) that have made their home in my garden for the last eight years. I must dig out some pics for you.

  4. I rescued the most enormous bumble bee I think I have ever seen the other day when it flew into the conservatory and couldn’t find its way out. A mug and a piece of card did the trick, though he was mightily annoyed at being captured buzzing furiously, he seemed quite relieved when I let him go outside. Love the image Gilly, great colour and wonderful close up 😀

  5. Yes, we do! We are an integral part of the nature and not separate special entities. We have got to learn to preserve.

    A beautiful colorful photo for this great post. Thanks, Gilly!

  6. Without bees it would bee a sad flowerless world Gilly. Over here we have hundreds of different types of native bees, many of them are just specific to one type of flower If that bee goes so does that flower.

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