Traces of the past

Paula is asking for images with traces of the past for her Thursday Special this week.

Troy Odeon

This is the Odeion at Troy in north west Anatolia, Turkey, it dates back to the Roman Troy 1X and was renovated in 124 AD, by Hadrian. I wonder if that was before or after he built the wall in the north of England, what a busy man. The Odeion has a semi-circular orchestra, surrounded by a wall of lime stone slabs, above which rise tiers of limestone seats, divided by aisles, into wedge shaped sections. Can you imagine the performances that took place there?  I’m sure you can still hear the echoes on a hot, still day. . .

Thanks Paula, I could do lots of posts for this theme.



16 thoughts on “Traces of the past

  1. Thank YOU, Gilly, and you’ll have a chance in June again. This challenge (traces of the past) repeats every other month :D. This is a site to be treasured. I am very grateful for your share.

      1. I’m considering introducing it every month too (but one month in B&W, one month in colour – still thinking). Gilly I am sorry for not checking out other posts. I am having a bit of a difficult time right now with stress and fatigue and am taking a break as of Tuesday – just for a week, but I will be back.

      2. That sounds like a good idea, lots of people like things from the past. Nothing to be sorry about, blogging can be so time consuming! I have to choose between replying to comments and visiting friends, and visiting usually wins, which makes me feel guilty when someone makes the effort to comment, but there just isn’t enough time 😦
        Your health is the most important thing, take care of yourself x:-)x

  2. Kind words to Paula. She is having a rough time these days. I have some Turkish ones somewhere in an album, Gilly. Not going in the loft to find them just yet, but I have till June. 🙂

  3. Me too. If I remained online long enough! :/ Beautiful Image Gilly. Makes me want to dig through my Turkey archive. Feels like such a long time ago.

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