Late Spring Wildflowers

I think it’s the last weekend for Jude’s Wildflower theme and I found these four simple pretties while I was walking the dogs today, so I thought I’d share them.

You can join in and or see some other entries here!


20 thoughts on “Late Spring Wildflowers

  1. That is the best photo of daisies I’ve ever seen, and I’m a connoisseur! And the dandelion assemblage is pretty good too.

    Late spring already? I haven’t had enough of it yet!

    1. It’s just a phone pic Meg but I’m happy you like it. This has been a long and very lovely spring, but im thrilled that summer is nearly here 🌼

  2. Love the wildflowers Gilky. If it was up to me, I’d never cut my lawn. Let what may grow in my land of green. I believe any weed that blooms are wildflowers, but I have neighbors and live in a subdivisio. I don’t think I can convince the homeowners to my way of thinking.


  3. Just returned from a week in Cornwall where the hedgerows were at their peak of flowering…and great to see so many ox eye daisies on the roadside verges through Devon too…who needs Chelsea!!?

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