Paula’s Thursday Special, Scattered.

Paula at Lost in Translation says that when things are scattered, they are spread out all over the place. That sounds a bit like my desk, but we won’t go there!

Instead, look at the way this white lichen is scattered on the bark of this tree, it looks like paint has been flicked around.

IMG_3932Speaking of bark, Meg has shared some tactile Polish trees.


May Garden Challenge, Wildflowers

Jude’s Garden Photography Challenge this month has the theme of wild flowers. She says, ‘this can be at the side of the road, a meadow, a wild flower garden, a single flower.’

Mine is from last year, but it’s May already and they’ll soon be back. In case some of you perhaps from different climates, don’t recognise it, it’s a foxglove, digitalis purpurea. Although the plant is poisonous, the leaves from digitalis is an ingredient used in heart drugs.

foxgloveIf you’d like to join Jude with a wild flower or two you have all of May to do so!