May Garden Challenge, Wildflowers

Jude’s Garden Photography Challenge this month has the theme of wild flowers. She says, ‘this can be at the side of the road, a meadow, a wild flower garden, a single flower.’

Mine is from last year, but it’s May already and they’ll soon be back. In case some of you perhaps from different climates, don’t recognise it, it’s a foxglove, digitalis purpurea. Although the plant is poisonous, the leaves from digitalis is an ingredient used in heart drugs.

foxgloveIf you’d like to join Jude with a wild flower or two you have all of May to do so!


13 thoughts on “May Garden Challenge, Wildflowers

  1. Oh, magnificent AND a macro shot too. I loved seeing the foxgloves in the lanes last June, as you say, almost time for them again. I shall be out with the camera 🙂
    Thanks Gilly

  2. What a dramatic flower! You’ve beautifully captured its inner self. I’m waiting for foxglove here, and for hollyhocks. I’m now in a month I’ve already experienced here.

  3. I once tried to grow foxgloves, I do love their stately elegance, but they flowered for 2 days then in the heat and humidity they just keeled over.

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