Paula’s Thursday Special, Scattered.

Paula at Lost in Translation says that when things are scattered, they are spread out all over the place. That sounds a bit like my desk, but we won’t go there!

Instead, look at the way this white lichen is scattered on the bark of this tree, it looks like paint has been flicked around.

IMG_3932Speaking of bark, Meg has shared some tactile Polish trees.


15 thoughts on “Paula’s Thursday Special, Scattered.

  1. A perfect description, and a good image for Paula’s challenge, although I too would like to see your desk. How would that be? A my-desk challenge?

    You posted a splendid bark photo in your lunchtime post ages ago, which I didn’t acknowledge in the midst of so many other treats, but I did note and remember it.

  2. What an original response to the theme. Gilly. Thank you so much. I could not come sooner cause of family engagements. Did you change the theme/look of your blog?

  3. LOL … I like what Sylvia said about her hubby and his paint brushes. : )
    Interesting the way the lichen created a splatter pattern. Very nice find, Gilly.
    Your photograph fits the challenge well.
    Issy 😎

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