Orchid Alley

I called into Buckland Abbey today for tea and cake – Bakewell tart if you’re wondering and while I sat avoiding the mizzle, my friend went outside. After a few minutes she came back in, all excited, ‘Gilly, Gilly you have to come see now!’

This is what she’d found.

bu1Just past the Elizabethan garden, there’s a little path with a patch grass to the right.

Definitely two, maybe three varieties of orchid, a delight to see. I’d left my camera in the car so these are phone pics, click for a better view.


18 thoughts on “Orchid Alley

  1. I love those wild orchids, Gilly. I remember seeing quite a few of these beauties when I paid a visit last year to the old pit where my dad had worked. Just seeing yours now, has reminded me of the emotion of that pilgrimage.

  2. What a gift on a Monday morning for someone who’s been orchid deprived for nearly six months. I particularly like the one posed gainst the wall. Thank goodness for iPhones!

  3. There are lots about this year! I’ve seen them on my last 2 walks with the group but not had chance to post them yet. Isn’t it brill? 🙂 🙂

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