Just some little pretties

Two spotted orchids for my lovely friends, enjoy, especially if you’ve never seen one!.


Vernal Orchids

High on a headland of Devon’s red cliffs, you’ll find an area of grassland that’s being managed for the green winged orchids, Anacamptis morio. If you visit from April to late May you can dance through a hazy carpet of them.

They range in colour from white to the deepest purple and are a real sight for sore eyes, I hope that Paula thinks so too! Note to self, take a camera.

Orchid Alley

I called into Buckland Abbey today for tea and cake – Bakewell tart if you’re wondering and while I sat avoiding the mizzle, my friend went outside. After a few minutes she came back in, all excited, ‘Gilly, Gilly you have to come see now!’

This is what she’d found.

bu1Just past the Elizabethan garden, there’s a little path with a patch grass to the right.

Definitely two, maybe three varieties of orchid, a delight to see. I’d left my camera in the car so these are phone pics, click for a better view.

Wild Woodbury Orchids

Woodbury common is an area of heathland a few miles east of Exeter, with an ancient hill fort known as Woodbury Castle and stunning views of the sea and abundant wildlife. If you know the right place to look and the right time you may just get lucky and see these!

Wild Orchids – Dactylorhiza Maculata or Dactylorhiza Fuchsii – Can anyone clarify?

This is a scheduled post, see you soon!