Narrow Boats

As most of you know by now, on Wednesday I had the good fortune to meet Jo and spend a really lovely day with her in Birmingham. We wandered, joined part of a guided tour and wandered some more. We were both really taken with Birmingham, and had lots of favourite bits, Jo’s most definitely the canal with it’s narrow boats, also one of mine, about equal with the library. So, when I saw this week’s Photo Challenge, I knew I had my photos, maybe Jo will choose the same.

Gas Street Basin with great company, add sunshine, and a glass of something white, sitting outside of a hostelry found by my gorgeous friend, a perfect way to while away the day.




19 thoughts on “Narrow Boats

  1. How slow am I? (but you know that! 🙂 ) I never even thought of narrow boats when I saw the challenge. Nice one, Gilly, and thank you very much. It wouldn’t have been half so much fun without you.

  2. Love the boats! I am a big fan of photographing boats and have some good shots from Morocco and Sri Lanka on previous blogs. Looks like a fun day indeed!


  3. I have never been on one, but always think it would be my ideal home as then I could move around the country as and when I felt like it. Drawback of course is the lack of a garden. Great take on the challenge and very expressive photos 🙂

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