19 thoughts on “Monday Mystery Word

      1. Baskerville was born in Bormingham so it is homage to him and his invention of the typeface which was named after him. I went to find his grave in the catacombs in the Jewellery Quarter last year in the hope of finding some nicely crafted words in His typeface but alas no…just a concreted up entrance to the tomb!!

  1. Yes, why is it backwards? Never mind. I have just worked it out. In setting out print the characters are always backwards and upside down.

    I did find this on wiki
    “A Portland stone sculpture of the Baskerville typeface, Industry and Genius, in his honour stands in front of Baskerville House in Centenary Square, Birmingham. It was created by local artist David Patten”

  2. I tried. They are backwards and upside down as stated above and one does look like a question mark but unless there is something online that actually states what it says or means, I think it is simply a wonderful piece of art.

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