Fungi in the park

I’ve been watching this fungi in the park for a couple of weeks, wondering what it is. It’s growing on an oak tree that was planted in 1911, to mark the coronation of George V and Queen Mary. The tree has had an interesting time of it, in the summer of 2009, it cracked down through its middle. Tree surgeons were able to rescue it, by reducing the crown, they say it will last another hundred years.

fu1fu5When I saw the fungus, I though it looked like a batch of currant buns! From what I discovered, it seems I wasΒ on the right lines.

I think they are a kind of bracket fungus, with Bread Roll Fungus for it’s common name. Unless you know any different?



15 thoughts on “Fungi in the park

  1. I love a good fungus – the underneath detail aka fu4 is wonderful. It’s good to know the tree’s story too, both historical and medical. I so hope the fungus is not a killer one.

  2. Fascinating fungus. Glad the men could repair the old tree. I lost a 90 year old sycamore and got a second opinion. The tree man said. “It’s a living thing that has come to the end of its life.”

  3. We were on a woodland walk this morning and there was an old tree that had been hit by lightning and it had a load of this fungus on too. Maybe the fungi takes pity on sad trees? I know I do, Gilly πŸ™‚

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