Through the surf darkly

I went to the coast today, this is what I saw

and this is what I was inspired to write.

They stand tense in the knowledge

that feet giving way

would trap twist betray

one distracting sound that might pierce

the rage of ocean on rock

to knock them like dominoes.

each yearn to go further

to be the brave stepper

cheering risk taking surfers

while surreptitiously wondering

would the sea turn red

if instead of a wave

a skull breaks on the strand



His Master’s Voice

There’s a whole industry built around the current passion for anything vintage. It seems that even young people like to wear clothes from their grandparents era and even earlier. I went to a vintage fair a couple of years ago with a friend who is very keen. personally I like to look but wouldn’t want to own or wear anything from the past. i did see some interesting things though, this was one of my favourites.

His Master's Voice
His Master’s Voice

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